Posted by: alexswallow | July 3, 2013

UK charities and ‘The Overhead Myth’

Zoe Amar

Sorry that this blog has been a bit quiet for the last few weeks. I’ve been busy moving house and starting my new job as a marketing and digital communications consultant. I’ve got some great projects in the pipeline and am working with some fabulous people. It is lovely to be back out there in the sector after maternity leave, doing the work I love and being inspired all over again by fantastic charities.

I’ve been having some very interesting conversations with charities about transparency recently, and am a big supporter of the campaign recently launched by US nonprofits on ‘The Overhead Myth.’ Essentially the campaign wants donors and supporters to measure charities according to impact and performance, not on how little they spend on overheads. It follows Dan Pallotta’s now legendary TED talk on the same theme, which I wrote about recently for The Guardian Voluntary Sector Network

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