Posted by: alexswallow | June 23, 2013

Why I love pigs- a fuller explanation

600605_10151624635857481_987012261_nMe with a friend at Stepney City Farm

I briefly mentioned before on this blog that I love pigs and thought I would give a fuller explanation why.

Ever since I can remember I’ve thought that they are just the best animal in existence (and yes, shamefully I am fond of ham and sausages too!). When I was a child I loved books by the late Dick King-Smith, one of which (‘The Sheep-pig‘)was made into the film ‘Babe’. I also liked Wilbur from Charlotte’s Web. When I was little I once visited a petting farm and went in a pen with some piglets, holding some food. They mobbed me in their excitement to get to it- it amazes me that I remember the incident with fondness rather than fear.

Some of the best people love pigs. George Clooney famous had a longer relationship with his pig Max than with any woman so far. The great Winston Churchill himself said ‘Dogs look up to us. Cats look down on us. Pigs treat us as equals’.

There are some extremely cute videos of pigs on YouTube. This one of Hamlet is a particular favourite of mine.

So, what is it exactly I like about pigs? Where do I start? I find the noise they make extremely comforting and friendly. There is something wise about them that I just can’t put my finger on. All the myths about them smelling etc seem to me to be untrue, they are very clean animals. They are friendly, funny and curious.

For my 30th birthday last year, my girlfriend (now fiancee) organised a wonderful treat for me, to visit the pigs at Stepney City Farm. The Farm is an amazing place that more people should know about- they are also currently an integral part of The Pig Idea. I was able to get into the (very roomy) pens with some of the happy pigs and give them a tickle. Some, like the one in the photo would roll over because they liked it so much.

I know there are people out there who share my interest in pigs- for example I follow a lovely pig-focused blog. If you’ve never met a pig, you are missing out big time.


  1. Piggies are the best! Here is a clip of Vauxhall City Farm pigs (Jenny and Edward aka Jedward) enduring my attempts at training them on a miserable day, I thought you may like it!

    • Amazing, thanks so much for sharing! Have been past your farm (unfortunately not in, was in a rush!) and said hello to one of the pigs on the way past. They are beautiful!

  2. […] pleased to see a mention for Stepney City Farm – I’ve explained how I think they are great in a previous post. It’s really good to celebrate the work of small charities in general and on social media in […]

  3. […] things in London and has given me some of my happiest memories while living here. They include- visiting the pigs, my favourite animal, for my 30th birthday and seeing the donkeys being brought out of the farm when the Olympic torch passed us […]

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