Posted by: alexswallow | June 12, 2013

The Non-Profit Marketing Guide to Persuasive Storytelling

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Non- profit marketing is about telling your story. Your very existence as an organization has a story behind it; a cause that people have rallied around, a service that somebody needed, or a social movement that is improving lives. To market your organization, you need to make this story as exciting and compelling as possible and inspire people to act upon your message.

The most successful non-profits know exactly how to fundraise through effective storytelling across their marketing platforms. A great example of this cross-platform storytelling is the Livestrong Foundation that tells its company story through the personal struggle of the individuals it supports; from diagnosis, to dealing with the disease, to Livestrong’s help and solutions. If we look at any page on their website ( you will notice how they use video, printed guidebooks, social media, support links, and many other touch-points to tell a well-structured and compelling…

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