Posted by: alexswallow | June 1, 2013

Buying my first suspended coffee


I have been interested in the idea of suspended coffee for some time. I know that cafes in London have started to offer it but I haven’t come across one yet. The basic idea is that customers can buy a cup of coffee which is kept on a tab and people who need one can come in and get one for free.

I love coffee about as much as I love charitable initiatives, so it is a winner in my book.

In Bratislava on a recent holiday we were in the old town and went to a nice cafe for breakfast. We saw about the free coffee and wanted to learn more, especially after we saw the staff get abused by an incredibly rude customer and thought they could do with seeing that not everyone is horrible! When I asked about the coffee I think at first they believed I was asking for one (there was a bit of a language barrier). But eventually I managed to explain, they took my  money and chalked one up on the board immediately. Apparently there  they even give them to students, which I liked.

I wonder if this is an idea which will spread and whether the large chains will get involved? Would love to hear your stories if you have found a place which offers them. There is a movement on Facebook about it that it worth looking at.


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