Posted by: alexswallow | May 11, 2013

The fallacy of chasing one’s passion

I like the sentiment ‘Your career is just one part of your life’.

La vie en rose

I love how in the midst of dilemma, we can still look through the internet to see the journeys traversed by those before us and take their advice.

I was reading an inspiring article about a teacher who left the job (s)he loved for a “boring” accounting job. In some ways, I could relate to the idealistic views (s)he had about teaching and the burnout (s)he eventually felt.

I really liked this quote:

It took some painful life lessons and some hard financial times to learn that doing what you love is, in fact, absolutely not the paradigm we need to follow as individuals or a society. Instead, get out there and grab what affords you the most opportunities to be the best overall person you can be.

Your career is just one part of your life. You might not become a much happier person just because you do…

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