Posted by: alexswallow | May 10, 2013

Happy birthday LinkedIn

I wanted to Reblog this on YCT’s Anniversary because LinkedIn was where it all started for us and has helped hugely. I have been talking to them about bringing their free Board Recruitment tool to the UK- hope they do one day!

Zoe Amar


This week LinkedIn turned 10 years old. In that time, it’s gone from a tiny digital start up to a huge social network. It now has more than 200 million users, according to Mashable.

As some of you know, I am a huge fan of LinkedIn. It’s a rich source of incredibly valuable information. In the past I’ve used it to bring in corporate partnerships, secure a meeting at No 10 and for insightful market research.

I still feel that the charity sector hasn’t yet unlocked the full potential of LinkedIn. I’ve blogged in the past about how charities can leverage LinkedIn and how you can use LinkedIn and Twitter for networking.

The key thing is to get into the habit of using LinkedIn actively. I know many organisations which encourage their staff to sign up to LinkedIn and where people dutifully connect to contacts who they make…

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