Posted by: alexswallow | April 23, 2013

The huge earthquake that went unnoticed

Can’t believe I didn’t hear about this earthquake! An interesting article on why maybe I didn’t.

British Asian Woman

Did you see the news on the TV last Tuesday that Iran had it’s biggest earthquake for over 40 years? No, neither did I.

That’s because last week, our news media chose to ignore the fact that something was happening in the world other than either here in the UK or America. It displayed a clear Anglo-American bias.

Yes it was one of the busiest news weeks of the year so far with the Boston marathon bombings on Monday and the funeral of Margaret Thatcher taking place on Wednesday here in the UK.

But both of these stories were surrounded with endless conjecture and analysis: stories of nostalgia of the Thatcher years, coverage of the so-called Thatcher death parties; banal discussion about ‘how Thatcherite’ you are (there’s even a Telegraph poll you can take). And then speculation over who was responsible for the Boston bombings (the two suspects had not been caught…

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