Posted by: alexswallow | April 22, 2013

Social Media: Age Doesn’t Matter

Scribbling in Heels 2.0

Okay, yes it does. Just like every marketing and advertising strategy, you need to know where your audience is. You need to know where you’re targeting and what age groups are where. Given a recent study from the Pew Research Center, it’s safe to assume that if you’re targeting millenials, you’re going to find them on social media (83% of social media users fall in the 18-29 age range).

So when it comes to social media, you need to know your market. However, when it comes to who is crafting your strategy, there have been a flurry of ageist attack blogs and articles in the social media community from both ends of the spectrum, a particularly vicious one coming from Cathryn Sloane  who argued that every Social Media Manager should be under the age of 25 in July of last year. Other articles argue that you shouldn’t hand your social media…

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