Posted by: alexswallow | April 18, 2013

My current sporting heroes

For as long as I can remember I’ve had an interest in a great many sports. I’m the type of person who will set an alarm for 3am to wake up to hear a big fight. I’m the type of person whose weekend can almost be ruined by a series of sporting events not going my way- unfortunately as I follow so many sports, it nearly never happens as the football, rugby, tennis, F1 and golf results (for example) would all have to be perfect for me to be really satisfied.

If I was able to live many lives, in one of them I would be a football agent. It’s my favourite thing about football, the transfer news. I can remember when I’d spend ages on Ceefax trying to work out who was going where. I never phoned any of the hotlines though, I was too tight for that.

My current sporting heroes are Federer, O’Sullivan and Hamilton, in that order. Here’s why:

1- Federer. Probably my favourite sportsman of this or any other era. Watching him play is like being alive to see Da Vinci paint. Even if he hadn’t won all the things he has, his artistry sets him above every other player ever in my book. For example, playing this shot once might be a fluke, but this many times?

2- O’Sullivan. I love everything about him. Talent beyond measure, a showman, a fascinating man when playing or not. Once he played left-handed instead of his normal right in a tournament. He was accused of bringing the game into disrepute so he was set a test where he had to play a few frames against another player using only his left. He won all three.

3- Hamilton. Again, just a fan of all that he does. Achieved so much at such a young age, incredibly fast but fair. Takes on passes that other drivers wouldn’t, blends consistency with flair.


  1. Roger Federer is also one of the sports men I really respect. I do favour Nadal over him even though he has not won as much. All three are good choices.

    • Ah thank you pleased you like them! Sadly I am very much not a fan of Nadal, but that’s partly because he’s one of Federer’s rivals.

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