Posted by: alexswallow | April 15, 2013

The Dame Mary Marsh Review- the power of sharing and learning

Today I went to a series of meetings in the Treasury building (I always find it a fascinating place to visit) in order to help take the work of the Dame Marsh Review into Skills and Leadership in the Social Sector forwards.

The members of the Working Group were there presenting draft papers on key topics such as Governance, Routes into the Sector and Digital Fluency and we were joined by a group of ‘critical friends’ who made suggestions, gave new insights and shared their perspectives.

At the end of the day in the summing up session I made the point, which I had made before to people at the away day for the Working Group: that I had just found it so refreshing to be able to speak openly with representatives of other organisations in our sector. I picked up so much that I didn’t know before, felt my views were listened to and the work of the organisation I work for was respected and enjoyed listening to the instructive stories and good examples that others shared.

I’d like those sort of experiences to be open to everyone who works in our sector, whatever their job title, ‘connectivity’ or organisation.  It’s such a tonic and I don’t believe it happens enough.



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